Thwarted Terrorist Plot Highlights Importance of Suez Canal to Oil Trade

Friday, October 30, 2009

Since its completion in 1869, the Suez Canal has been one of the world’s most important waterways. By connecting the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, it allows ships to travel directly to Europe and beyond from the Middle East.

The Suez Canal still holds great importance today. According the U.S. Energy Information

UK trade gap widens as oil swings to deficit

The goods trade gap rose to £6.5bn from £6.17bn in May, with imports rising by 2.2pc and exports to non-EU countries falling by 2.6pc, the Office of National Statistics said. Economists had forecast a deficit of £6.2bn.

A large portion of the increase in the trade deficit was attributable to a widening of the oil deficit as production fell during summer maintenance work. The oil balance recorded a deficit of £315m after a surplus of £100m in May.

Oil Trade in Indonesia

Oil Rig in Nigeria

We know the oligarchy that is responsible for this oilgate. They are both in the public sector and private sector. Many of them are in the Nigerian Armed Forces and the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) of President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua and many of them are on the Boards of Directors of the leading banks in Nigeria. I am ready to expose them, but Let him be ready to sack them and arrest them for public trial. Enough is enough!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Under a $2.4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, Bioengineering Resources, Inc. (BRI) is investigating the feasibility of locating BRI facilities that produce ethanol by processing corn stover next to conventional grain alcohol plants. The study is assessing the synergies involved with such co-location, such as the utilization of waste heat and power from a BRI plant to reduce the operating costs of the neighboring sugar fermentation plant.

Bizarro World: Petroleum Sovereignty Edition

The government could barely contain its collective orgasmtoday over the launch of "the first Venezuelan satellite."

Exploration& Production of Coal

Exploration& Production of Coal

Exploration& Production of Coal

Exploration& Production of Coal

ZRD Fuel Oil (Beijing) Co., Limitedgrasps the strong demand of energy products at speedy developing stage in China, to participate in multi-block in the coal mine exploration in addition to its channel exploitation for energy importation. The company has successfully listed the proven 200 million tons coal mine into the reserved projects for future exploration. Currently, the company is exploiting the mining area with 40 million ton reserves, and gradually increasing the manipulation and grasping capacity in traditional coal industry, so as to accumulate experience, resources and channels for Large-scale mining.

Oil and Gas Trade

During the progress of petroleum trade, ZRD Fuel Oil (Beijing) Co., Limited aims at importing, wholesale and retailing of fuel oil business and keeps on exploiting direct trade, while gradually established a complete petrochemical operational network in the domestic petrochemical market. Starting from Saudi and Iranian petroleum resource, the company has established stable business relationship with Russia, USA, Middle Asia, Middle East and African oil producing countries. Accordingly, the company has built product-supply relationship with almost 30 refineries as downstream,and has formed cooperation relationship with somelarge scale inland trading companies . Currently it is one of the most active petroleum companies in China



Ex trabajadores de PDVSA Oriente exigen pago de deuda - nota
Superada emergencia operativa de PDVSA al haber 141 taladros en el país - nota
Personal de PDVSA Petropiar amenaza con radicalizar acciones - nota
Trabajadores de Cadafe amenazan acción conflictiva - nota


Venezuela e Irán profundizan relación bilateral - nota
PDVS contrata buque para iniciar perforación costa afuera - nota
PDVSA mejoró distribución de gasolina 91 octanos - nota

Solvents cover a huge number of substances: gas lighter refills, aerosols containing hairspray, deodorants and air fresheners, tins or tubes of glue, some paints, thinners and correcting fluids, cleaning fluids, surgical spirit, dry-cleaning fluids and petroleum products. When inhaled, solvents have a similar effect to alcohol. They make people feel uninhibited, euphoric and dizzy.

Every time an election is held for any office, the subject of ANWR Drilling, America’s dependence on petroleum and the politics of oil and gas eventually comes up in discussion. To understand the debate the overall issue of Anwr and the impacts of drilling there must be clearly understood. Why? Because the issue of climate change, oil exploration and the future of the United States and the world are at stake. What are the real pros and cons of drilling in ANWR? ALASKAN OIL DRILINGANWR is the name given to 19 million acres on Alaska’s North Slope – the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. In 1960 the government named it a protected area and has added even more land since then.

Twin Valley Co-op Ltd. supplies bulk fuel from our Manitoba branch locations in Russell, Rossburn, Birtle, Miniota and Elkhorn. We also run out of Welwyn, Saskatchewan. We sell the highest quality fuels from our EP-3000 Premium Diesel Fuel to our High Performance Gasoline, all of which carry the Federated Co-operatives Ltd fuel guarantee. Because we deliver our own fuel, your order gets to you when you need it. We provide "auto fill service", volume discounts and a patronage dividend program which allows profits to be returned to our member customers.Twin Valley Co-op Ltd. currently runs a fleet of 5, radio and cell phone equipped fuel delivery units.

Colt developed the design basis memorandum (FEL 2) and basic engineering package (FEL 3). The scope of the project included a new S-Zorb unit, SO2 recovery process (CANSOLV) modifications to two FCCU gas plants, distillate desulphurizing unit, sulphur plant and various utilities. For the first FCCU, Colt developed the design for 30 PPM. For the second FCCU, Colt developed a HYSYS simulation for the fractionator and gas plant. This included reconciling the simulation against test-run data and benchmarking to establish a base case.This project was an extensive revamp involving the replacement of much of the existing equipment. The project impacted the plant’s FCCU, the gas plant, crude unit and distillate desulphurization unit. An innovative approach was used to minimize turnaround hours and their effect on operations

The word Petroleum is derived from two words Petra meaning rock and oleum meaning oil. The oil occurs naturally in porous rocky strata in liquid form is the crude oil. If it is in semi hard state mixed in sand then it is bitumen. The crude oil can be black, brown, green or even orangish yellow. It does contain oxygen, sulphur, nitrogen and other items in minute quantities which determines it suitability for specific application.The crude oil or its derivatives are marketed by volume or weight, gallon, litre, barrel, are the volumetric measurements while metric tonnes (mt or MT) are for the weight.